Department of Microbiology

You are welcome to the Department of Microbiology.

You are welcome to the Department of Microbiology.


The Department of Microbiology believes in the upbringing of intellectual and skillful individuals who will provide efficient services needed for national developmental goals, industrial aspirations, self reliance and economic empowerment – particularly in the areas of medicine, public and community health, chemistry, nursing and other all health services and innovations. To achieve this, our students are provided with sound laboratory training, relevant industrial attachment and exposure to research methodologies. With this intense training, our graduates help to contribute to high level manpower needed in all facets of our national development.
Specifically, the Department of Microbiology offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.

Our objectives here are multifold:

  • To teach and inculcate analytical skills and confidence in our undergraduates through the provision of adaptable practical oriented education – in our Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes.
  • Teaching the fundamentals of Microbiology in terms of the origin, ecology, diversity, disadvantages in human and plant lives, and control of microorganisms.
  • Inculcating analytical skills and confidence in undergraduates through provision of adaptable practical oriented education.
  • Involving microorganisms/microbiological techniques in investigative research leading to higher degrees.
  • Training microbiologists in preventive measures against health -related problems
  • Organizing services/in-service courses beneficial to students in other departments/faculties of LCU and professionals from public and private sectors.
  • Providing an environment for developing conducive ethnics of Microbiology.

With regard to our postgraduate school, we offer programmes leading to the award of Postgraduate Diploma in General Microbiology, Masters of Science and Masters of Philosophy including Industrial, Food and Environmental Microbiology. We will soon be privileged to offer Doctor of Philosophy degrees shortly. All these programmes are designed to enhance the education of basic, fundamental and entrepreneurship education through the provision of adequately equipped laboratories and academically sound personnel that is already on ground.
Our requirement for Postgraduate Diploma (PD) programmes is a good graduate degree from a recognized University in Botany, Zoology or   Biology and/or Biochemistry while we require a second level division pass in B.SC in microbiology. Duration of the PD programme is two (2) semesters for full time candidates and three (3) semesters for part-time programme.  Duration for our Master of Science or Master of Philosophy programme is a minimum of 30 units and thesis.

Head of Department

Dr. BAMKEFA Bukola Ayodeji is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Basic Medical and Applied Sciences at Lead City University (LCU), Ibadan Nigeria. She is a Plant Pathology and Nematology Scientist. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Crop Protection with specialization in Nematology, Masters’ degree in Phytopathology and Bachelors Degree in Botany all from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She has over 17 years of International Research experience at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in sub-Saharan Africa. She was a Research Supervisor, Visiting Research Fellow and a Consultant with IITA. She has worked on several donor projects such as “Pre-emptive management of African Cassava Mosaic Disease in Nigeria (CMD Project), Cassava Enterprise Development Project (CEDP) and Unleashing the Powers of Cassava in Africa (UPoCa) and also conducted research with scientists and have assisted Masters and PhD students both within and outside Africa. She has attended several National and International training courses. She has also attended several National and International conferences. She had the Best Poster Award at the International Society of Root and Tuber Crops Conference held in Mombasa, Kenya in 2005. She has over 20 publications published in various International journals.
Research and Consultancy Focus: Ethnobotany, Crytogamy Botany, Mycology, Bacteriology, Nematology, Integrated pest management, Epidemiology of plant diseases.
Teaching Interest: Courses that are related to my research interest.
Extra Curricula Activities: reading, travelling, dancing and interacting with people of diverse culture.




S/N Name Designation Qualification 
1. Prof. LANA, Allan Femi Professor  B.Sc.(Wisconsin, USA), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Massachusetts, USA)
2. Dr. ADEJUWON,  Adekunle Senior Lecturer B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph.D. (Ife)
3. Dr. (Mrs.)OLOUKOI Grace Senior Lecturer DTP, M. Sc. (Ibadan), Ph.D.(Ado-Ekiti)
4. Dr. (Mrs.) BAMKEFA, Bukola Lecturer I B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D (Ibadan)
5. Mr. AKINTOBI,  Olubiyi A. Lecturer I B. Sc., M. Ed. (Ife)
6. Mr. OGUNLEYE,  Akin O.  Lecturer I  B. Sc , M. Sc. (Ibadan)
7. Dr. (Mrs.)ADESHINA,  Felicia Lecturer I B. Sc , M. Sc. (Ibadan), Ph.D (Ibadan)
8. Dr. (Mrs.) ABIOLA-OLAGUNJU Oluwanike Lecturer II B.Sc, .M.Sc. (Ibadan),  Ph.D (Ibadan)
9. Mr. AGBOOLA, Olagunju Akeem Lecturer I B. Sc. (Ago Iwoye) , PGD (Ogbomoso)
10. Miss. OLUBOYEDE, Omolola Assistant Lecturer B.Sc. (Lead City), M.Sc. (Ibadan)
11. Mr. OLUWOLE,  Michael Principal Technologist HND (Ilorin)
12. Mr. ODELEYE Olaleke Lab. Technician OND (Ibadan)



Direct Contacts

  • Senate/Council Affairs - 0815 331 8703   |  Admisions Office - 0815 331 8707, 0815 331 8708, 0815 331 8709, 08061633228   |   Registrar's Office - 0815 331 8702
  • Academic Planning - 0815 331 8765   |   Postgraduate School - 0815 331 8763, 0906 206 8910 |   Security Gate House - 0815 331 8766
  • Fees Office - 0815 331 8764   |   LCU Hospital - 0815 331 8767