April 5, 2021

April 5, 2021

The 2020/2021 Session Students’ Week Activities

The 2020/2021 Students' Week is Scheduled to Hold from the 12th - 18th of April, 2021.

Monday 12th April, 2021

  1. Sciences ( Faculty Of Basic Medical Sciences And Applied Sciences) Health Talk, Free Medical Checkup, Coding Classes and More. Time 9:00am - 1:00pm | Venue: Car Park
  2. Faculty Of Arts And Education Talent Hunt For Mr. And Miss Faculty. Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm. Venue: Adeline Hall.
  3. Faculty Of Law Trade Fair. Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm. Venue: Faculty Of Law Car Park
  4. Sat Cultural Night. 5:00pm. Venue: The University Stadium

Tuesday 13th April, 2021.

  1. Faculty Of Arts And Education Jersey Day. Time: 10:00pm - 1 :00pm. Venue: The University Stadium.
  2. Faculty Of Law Symposium. Time: 10:00am. Venue: Conference Centre.
  3. Faculty Of Basic, Medical And Applied Sciences Dinner. Time: 6:00pm. Venue: Adeline Hall.

Wednesday 14th April, 2021.

  1. Faculty Of Social Sciences Skills, Trade Fair And Exhibition. Time: 11 :00am. Venue: The University Stadium.
  2. Faculty Of Law Moot Court. Time: 10:00 Am. Venue: The Faculty Of Law.
  3. Faculty Of Arts And Education Dinner. Time: 6:00pm. Venue: Adeline Hall

Thursday 15th April, 2021.

  1. Faculty Of Law: Justice Chambers Legal Theatre. Time: 9:00am - 11:30am. Venue: The Conference Centre.
  2. Sat Business Empowerment And Relationship Development Seminar. Time: 12:00 - 3:30pm.
  3. Faculty Of Law Cultural Night. Time: 4:30pm. Venue: The Conference Centre.

Friday 16th April, 2021.

  1. Jumat Thanksgiving For All Faculties. Time: 2:00pm. Venue: The Mosque.
  2. Awareness For Hall Week. Time: 3:30 - 5:00pm.
  3. Faculty Of Law Dinner. Time: 6:00pm. Venue: The Conference Centre.

Saturday 17th April, 2021.

  1. Sports Hall Competition. Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm. Venue: The University Stadium.
  2. Hall Dinner. Time: 6:00pm. Venue: Adeline Hall.

Sunday 18th April, 2021.

  1. Thanksgiving For All Faculties. Time: 9:30am. Venue: Chapel Of Peace And Joy.
  2. Sat Dinner ( Mr & Miss Lead City Contest ) Time: 6:00pm. Venue: Adeline Hall.

NB: Departmental and SAT Executives should take note of the following

  1. There should be NO levy of any kind
  2. Departmental Executives MUST NOT collect any monetary contribution from their colleagues
  3. Any corporate or solicited or unsolicited external support in form of money or materials should be declared to the respective HODs and the Directorate of Corporate Communications & Students Services.
  4. All mounted programmes should be scholarly in nature.
  5. The Directorate of Corporate Communications & Students Service should be notified of any invitation extended to external organizations or individuals.
  6. The period is LECTURE FREE and no programme or dinner should go beyond 10pm.
  7. For now, No excursion of any kind during the week.
  8. Report of the week activities should be sent to the Director of Corporate Communications & Students Services, not less than a week after the event.
  9. All students concerned should be mobilized for all the activities.
  10. Smoking, Drinking of Alcohol and administration of illicit drugs are prohibited during and after the programmes on Campus.
  11. Management Award and Recognition awaits a department or faculty that shows competency and team spirit in the management of events with exemplary behavior by their students.
  12. The management is funding the Student’s week to avoid unnecessary external solicitation


Clinical Fees

Please Note That With Effect From 2020/2021 Academic Session, Both Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science Students
Are Expected To Pay an Additional Clinical Fees Per Session As Detailed Below:

  • Nursing Science                      -   N150,000 (One Hundred And Fifty Thousand Naira Only)
  • Medical Laboratory Science   -   N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira Only)



  Names  From  To 
1. Mr. Emmanuel D. ARIYO Community Health Vice Chancellors Office
2. Mr. Boluwatife BAMIDELE Vice Chancellors Office Corp.Comm. & Student’s Services
3. Mrs. Folashade O. ADESOJI University Hospital  Fees Office
4. Mr. Emmanuel A. EGBEBUNMI Bursary Department University Hospital 
5. Mr. Adeseye M. ORIMOLADE  Post Graduate School Study Materials



List of New Staff

  Name Designation Posting
1. Mr. Olakunle Temilola OLADAPO  Hostel Manager II  Hall of Residence
2. Mrs. Adedolapo O. AWONIYI  Account Officer I Hall of Residence
3. Miss Abimbola Tolulope WILLIAMS Hostel Attendant Hall of Residence 
4. Mrs. Anuoluwapo ADELEYE Hostel Attendant Hall of Residence 
5. Mr. Sylvester Ehilenbalu INEGBENEBOR Senior Medical Lab. Scientist  Lead City University
6. Miss. Omolara Rhoda ADEDIRAN  Nursing Officer 1   
7. Mr. Olusoji Kehinde OGUNBADE Administrative Officer II ICT Unit
8. Mr. Oluwapelumi Oluwajomiloju AKINBOBOLA  Administrative Officer II Postgraduate School 
9. Miss. Oluwakemi Ayobami AWOTONA  Administrative Officer II Faculty Of Engineering
10. Miss. Adeseeke Marcelina AFOLABI  Health Records Technicians Lead City University Hospital 
11. Mr. Emmanuel Dare ARIYO Office Asistant  Vice Chancellors Office
12. Miss. Grace Temitope OYATUNDE  Technologist II Microbiology 
13. Mr. Issac Olugbenga ADEKUNLE Administrative Officer II Nursing Science 
14. Mr. Samuel Okikijesu AKINOSUN Administrative Officer II Quality Control Unit 
15. Mr. Adegoke Henry AKINWUNMI  Hostel Manager II  Hall of Residence
16. Miss. Jumoke Grace DAIRO  Hostel Manager II  Hall of Residence


Nature's Corner by Dr. kola Farinloye


Water covers almost 71% of the Earth's surface. Of this, 97.5% is the salty water of the oceans and only 2.5% freshwater, most of which is locked up in the Antarctic ice sheet towards the south pole of the globe. The remaining freshwater is found in glaciers, lakes, rivers, wetlands, the soil, aquifers and the atmosphere. Due to the water cycle, fresh water supply is continually replenished by precipitation. However, there is still a limited amount necessitating management of this resource.

Awareness of the global importance of preserving water for ecosystem services has only recently emerged, during the 20th century, more than half the world's wetlands have been lost along with their valuable environmental services. Increasing urbanization pollutes clean water supplies and much of the world still does not have access to clean, safe water. Greater emphasis is now being placed on the improved management of blue (harvestable) and green (soil water available for plant use) water, and this applies at all scales of water management. Ocean circulation patterns have a strong influence on climate and weather and, in turn, the food supply of both humans and other organisms. Scientists have warned of the possibility, under the influence of climate change, of a sudden alteration in circulation patterns of ocean currents that could drastically alter the climate in some regions of the globe. Ten per cent of the world's population - about 600 million people - live in low - lying areas vulnerable to sea level rise. Hence, there is a need to sensitize those people about the dangers associated with the realities of climate change.

The world celebrated World Water Day on the 22nd of March, 2021, to this end, may we continue to enjoy this unique and useful gift of nature; water! 



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